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October 18, 2019

The Hussar Grill is proud to be celebrating 55 years of award-winning excellence

The Hussar Grill, originally established in 1964 is well-known, having a reputation for its succulent foods and warm atmosphere. I was recently granted the opportunity to sample the menu at the reopening of the Hussar Grill in Camps Bay, and my incredible experience has left me longing for more.

This being my first ever restaurant encounter in Camps Bay was truly magical. Having no point of reference and only high expectations, the drive in itself was enough to leave my soul satisfied. I was welcomed in by breath-taking mountainous landscapes teaming with costal city life to my left, and to my right, the golden gleam of a perfectly setting sun over an elegant beach – I was drooling. This meat-lovers paradise is perfectly situated in the heart of the Cape, resting on 108 Camps Bay Drive between Lions Head and the Atlantic Ocean, the stylish restaurant has so much history and character, and above all, some of the most palatable cuisines that the Cape has to offer.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the enchanting allure of a refreshing coastal breeze as I watched the last few minutes of a setting sun from the entrance of the restaurant (which is conveniently situated just a few hundred meters from the sea). Inside, I was embraced by the warm gentle smile of a pleasant receptionist, and superb customer service as a friendly waitress guided us to a newly constructed private seating area of the restaurant. We were given a glass of bubbles and a quick guided tour of the newly renovated restaurant, before settling down for the opening speech from the manager and our personal Chef for the night.

As for the interior, wow. The restaurant’s stunning interior boasts a warm elegant feel with large glass windows throughout, allowing for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauties. A homely atmosphere is created through the tactical usage of gentle earthy tones (oranges, browns and blue tapestry’s) which seem to catch alight during the golden hour, allowing the restaurant to be both stylish and aesthetic, whilst still retaining its regal beauty and classic character. At night, the restaurant is transformed to a dashing food-lovers wonderland, with magical lighting, soft chairs, carefully decorated walls, spacious eating booths and soothing background music, it was honestly nothing short of sensational.

An experienced Chef gave us a brief introduction and warm welcoming, before we commenced the night with rounds starters and even more rounds of champagne! The food was absolutely marvelous. We were treated to a range of starters, from a rich and creamy tomato soup served with freshly baked loaf, to a juicy Chorizo served on a bed of flaming tomato-based sauce (literally set on fire). Finally, our starters concluded with a dual portion of mouth-watering shrimp served on crisp lettuce with a lemon-garlic garnish and delicious bite-sized crumbed poppets with a crunchy exterior and a scrumptious chicken filling served with a unique mustard relish – we were dined like royalty.

For the main course(s), our chef prepared a selection of the Hussar Grill’s most renowned meats, beginning with the most tender pork ribs coated in a delectable sweet and savory barbeque marinade, accompanied by a choice of Hussar Grill red or white, (naturally, I stuck with the red). We were then served a perfectly seasoned succulent Tomahawk Steak – followed by a flavorful Black Angus steak and ending with the showstopper – Chateuabriand (a succulent piece of Black Angus that was cut, prepared and served with a flaming sauce right at our table!)

For dessert we were treated to a mouthwatering chocolate vodka martini, which comprises mostly of a rich melted Belgian-chocolate (with a twist) served in a shot glass.

In all, my experience was truly magical. The staff have a way of making you feel as if you’ve been there before, like you’re an old friend. At the end of my night, my expectations were nothing short of blown away! If you’re looking for amazing service and friendly staff, combined with unbelievable scenery and exquisite food, then The Hussar Grill Camps Bay will tick all your boxes!

And to my Hussar Family, I WILL BE BACK.

A: shop 2, 108 Camps Bay Dr, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8040
W: Hussar Grill Camps Bay
T: +27 21-4380151
E: Bookings

Written by Tré Delange for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife